Thursday, June 4, 2009

Don’t lose that idea!

Customers, library staff and civic leaders may be disappointed that timeline for our new library building is not more definite, but I am confident it will happen, and residents, employees and leaders will all have a role in making it wonderful! In the meantime I am recording ideas and phrases I don’t want to get lost, and that we will implement as well as we can in the current building:

‘The Library should embody a sense of joy, excitement, imagination and discovery that inspires a reverence for all that a library represents. The Nampa Public Library will be a building where individuals and families return over and over again for education, enlightenment and entertainment.’

‘The library is an information resource to be navigated by the public, as well as a highly technical work environment for the library staff.’ [adapted from a Minneapolis Public Library webpage, 2007]

Add your ideas to the Don’t-Lose-That-Idea list:

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Council Approves Land Purchase

Future Library Block where Taco Time is now
Google Maps imageAfter a public hearing Monday, the Nampa City Council approved the purchase of land for a new library, slated for the block between 11th and 10th Avenues and 3rd and 4th Streets. The decision is an important milestone and was made after several key conditions were met. The City Finance Manager Galen Kidd reported to the Council that the city has enough in reserve funds to make this kind of one-time capital expense. The City Attorney Terry White also advised it is within the power of the City Council to approve the purchase to expedite the downtown redevelopment process and to serve the public. About a dozen members of the public spoke at the public hearing and nearly all seats were taken. The Clerk entered into the public record 10 letters from citizens who did not attend. All those were in favor of purchasing land for the new library. A tremendous amount of cooperation was needed to get this far, but clearly the community values library services and the overall goal to build a new facility.
- Dan

Thursday, May 15, 2008

City Council to Decide on Land for New Library

Now is the time to let your voice be heard. Do you wish for more space for seating to read a book? Do you want stimulating and comfortable areas that will effectively meet the needs of children, teens and adults to enhance their experiences in the library? Do you want more than 10 public computers to do research and look for a job? Let the City Council know that a new library is important to you and needed for our community. We have been looking forward to acquiring the land so that we can move to the next phase in building a library that Nampa and its citizens deserve. On Monday, May 19th 7:30pm the City Council will decide whether or not we should move forward on the land acquisition that has been in the works for the past year. Please be a part of this exciting time as we get a step closer to our new Library. In our strategic plan the Board and staff set specific goals to be met by the new Library. Help us to achieve the goals of providing space for groups and individuals featuring an inviting, engaging and welcoming design that will serve to create a sense of place in a unique landmark that brings people together to enjoy reading, learning and growing. Nampa City Council meetings held at Nampa City Hall. (View press release)
- Deborah Babbitt –

Friday, March 7, 2008

Design takes another step

The library board, the Nampa Development Commission and Library staff all made headway on matters of library design this month. Modus Architects of Boise was asked to develop a site plan and elevation drawings. These reflect the public comment and technical needs of a new building. The drawings were presented at an NDC meeting on March 5, along with snippets of the various reports and studies that serve as a basis for the building plan. The library site has not yet been announced and we are still in the process of accumulating the property. After that, the next steps include inviting the development community to submit qualifications and proposals. We hope this to happen later this spring. The drawings are imaginative and fun and yet still very practical. These are preliminary, but show where the library board is headed.
Dan Black

Thursday, March 6, 2008

More Key Elements....

The Library Board voted last year to accept some key components in the new building. Those include:

  • Ground level entry to the building and a significant library presence so that those passing by on foot or in an auto can easily see the building and view persons using this community resource. The library should have no more than two levels used by the public in order to limit staffing costs, insure high quality service, and minimize security issues. A possible third level could be used for library administrative functions. There should be only one public entrance to the library. Entry lobby should provide separate access to the library service area, restrooms and the major meeting room so that community groups can use the meeting room(s) even if the library is closed. The entry should include public art and space for a coffee kiosk and seating.
  • Technology requirements should be a major design consideration. The building will incorporate Wi-Fi access throughout. Public and staff computers will be located throughout the building. Public computer access should be near the vertical communications core and distribution hubs and near the staff elevator. Electrical outlets should be plentiful for both staff and public users of fixed and portable devices.

Dan Black

Friday, February 29, 2008

Key Elements for New Building

What are the key elements in the new building?

The public, staff and library board have looked long and hard at the most important elements for the new library. Among other key points, the library board voted to require the following elements:

  • Book collection and stacks to house 217,500 volumes
  • Periodical collection and stacks to house 320 titles and backfiles
  • Nonprint collection and shelving to house 43,500 items
  • 63 public computer workstations and furniture
  • 78 staff computer workstations and furniture
  • 298 reader seats
  • 60 staff group seats
  • Meeting room and furnishings to seat an audience of up to 400
  • Storytime room and furnishings to seat an audience of up to 40
  • Conference room and furnishings to seat up to 10

~Dan Black

Thursday, February 14, 2008

What will the library look like?

Directions to the architect reflect public comments received during seven forums and an open house in the spring of 2007. These views, along with ideas submitted online and in suggestion boxes went into a building plan that was completed in the summer of 2007. Finally, a design workshop was conducted with the help of Modus Architects in the summer of 2007. All these ideas have been considered when we asked Modus to prepare fresh drawings. These conceptual elevations will be included in a Request for Proposals from a list of potential developers.
Dan Black