Thursday, June 4, 2009

Don’t lose that idea!

Customers, library staff and civic leaders may be disappointed that timeline for our new library building is not more definite, but I am confident it will happen, and residents, employees and leaders will all have a role in making it wonderful! In the meantime I am recording ideas and phrases I don’t want to get lost, and that we will implement as well as we can in the current building:

‘The Library should embody a sense of joy, excitement, imagination and discovery that inspires a reverence for all that a library represents. The Nampa Public Library will be a building where individuals and families return over and over again for education, enlightenment and entertainment.’

‘The library is an information resource to be navigated by the public, as well as a highly technical work environment for the library staff.’ [adapted from a Minneapolis Public Library webpage, 2007]

Add your ideas to the Don’t-Lose-That-Idea list: