Friday, March 23, 2007

Exciting times are here!

Welcome to Library Sketchbook, the blog about the Nampa Public Library’s new building. We want to tell you what’s happening as Nampa moves closer to building a new library.
I look forward to introducing building topics and moderating discussion. I’ll also relay what’s happening in this process to community groups and through updates to the media.
Why a new library? The old one is in a grand, historic building, but it lacks parking, access for those with disabilities, rooms for meetings, doing homework, or enough places for computers or casual reading. Nor is there enough room for the collections of books, movies, music and other materials to serve a community this size. In fact, the 23,500-square-feet building is only one-third the size it should be, according to national standards. The Library Board and the City of Nampa have committed to a new library. There are some large private donations to help out and the community is genuinely committed to the project. Check back for updates and feel free to respond.
- Dan Black, Nampa Public Library Community Relations Coordinator

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