Friday, May 18, 2007

Shelving in the Library

I had a great conversation with a patron the other day. She said she was frustrated she couldn’t reach the top shelves of the videos and books. I told her I have been challenged by our shelving and have seen others struggling as well. She also said it’s tough to see titles and reach them on the bottom shelves. She expressed this concern not just for herself but for all of our differently-abled customers. We talked while the new shelving for videos was installed and I pointed out the bottom shelves at an angle. She said she’d like to see more of those angled shelves in the new building as well as the elimination of bottom and high shelving. Thanks for the great input! Imagine when we have more space and can spread the collection out!

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Anonymous said...

In response to ideas for the new nampa public library........
Bigger genealogy reference section...access to Especially since the LDS Family History Centers are no longer providing full access to Ancestry. Although the Nampa Library has never been big for research and academic uses but big on whats popular.....Genealogy and Family History is America's fastest growing hobby and is the second behind pornography on internet hits! I am sure there would be many patrons and members of our community who would become patrons if a well known and well used database, such as was available!