Monday, October 1, 2007

Where will the new library be located?

The City is negotiating with landowners in the historic downtown area to buy land for our new facility. Those negotiations are going well, and we expect things to be complete within the next four months. The locations won’t be disclosed until agreements with all the landowners are complete. Publicity about the locations could complicate those negotiations and would compromise the privacy of those landowners. The City hopes to finalize negotiations and announce the location in early 2008.
When will work begin? After the land is purchased, the project will be put out to bid and must be designed by an architect. The City hopes to break ground in December, 2008, with the building finished in 2010. - Dan Black

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Anonymous said...

I was library director at Nampa Public Library from 1979 - 1982. At that time the remodel that expanded the old bank building into the printshop next door had not taken place yet. Parking was an ongoing problem. The basement was scary at best, and largely underused.

I recently was in contact with Karen Ganske, who directed me to the NPL Bulding Blog.

Congratulations on movement toward a new building.

Information on the blog indicates a lot of excciting changes and an effort to make the library an even more important part of the community.

I agree with your visioning efforts. Salt Lake City's library is an excellent example of well-integrated community library service. I have seem similar quality in smaller libraries in recent years, such as Carmel-Clay in Indiana, Clinton-Macomb in Michigan, Naperville Illinois, and San Jose California. Good planning and getting the right voices heard is important.

My best wishes in your efforts to secure land, funding, and any additional operating funds needed to run a larger and more complex library.

Times are changing, as are public perceptions about what a public library should be. When I was in Nampa, it was a simpler time with simpler services. My big mark there was made when we converted the card catalog to an online catalog -- I oversaw the conversion to an automated catalog.

Best wishes for a succussful future and new library process.

Jim Rosaschi
Santa Rosa, California