Friday, November 16, 2007

Rooftop Garden Planned

The people of Nampa love to garden. We enjoy the space for growing things and changing our perspective. One of the fabulous ideas for green building that we are considering for our new library is a rooftop garden. Many libraries have these and they provide an opportunity for quiet reading and exploration, fresh air and views. Nampans who attended the 2007 forums and design workshop liked the idea, as a part of their desired library experience and as smart planning.

Practical considerations determine the type of plantings - raised beds, low maintenance, and requiring minimal water (xeriscape). Plants could be selected from native plants and labeled to provide educational opportunities. A planted roof and patio provide seasonal color, a setting for public art, and a possible place for book signings, book club meetings or children’s events.

These pictures were taken at the rooftop garden of the Salt Lake City Public Library this past summer.

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