Friday, July 6, 2007

Shhh! We want QUIET!

Library enthusiasts at public forums and other discussions see-sawed on the question of quiet spaces versus reasonably noisy spaces. The conclusion was always that Nampa needs both, and our new library should have room for both kinds of library environment. People should be comfortable using normal ‘inside’ voices in high traffic areas and children’s or teen areas, and those who want a very quiet place should be able to enjoy a quiet reading/study lounge – without cell phones. Requests for quiet areas came from the teen focus group as well as the general ones! If you prefer a very quiet environment in which to read and study, look forward to a glass enclosed area with a view! The building program calls for a quiet reading room, with six lounge chairs and 12 individual study tables. Preliminary sketches have a gas fireplace in the reading room.

Karen Ganske

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