Friday, July 27, 2007

Fresh Ideas!

Three NPL librarians attended the 2007 conference of the American Library Association, and each brought back ideas for a new building as well as ideas for improved services. They returned with books. They brought back flyers and brochures about library furnishings and equipment. They made contacts with vendors. They took notes at programs about library services and facilities.

A few quotes about library buildings from their reports:
· Browsing activities should be seen from the street – seeing other people looking at books draws other people into the library.
· A library is important as ‘people space,’ similar in some ways to a bookstore.
· Images showed children’s spaces featuring lots of curves and flow, and one showed an outdoor garden for children.
· Signage and graphics were extremely important to give people a feeling of empowerment.
· Clear clutter and improve basic cleanliness, which is very important to customers.
· A cafĂ© or coffee shop connects people to the library.


HGP said...

What a super idea to have browsing within the library visible from the street. I'm all for that being incorporated into the design.

I'm wondering if there will be computers in the children's section. They're so computer savvy at such a young age. Looking up their own books on the computer is something many of them already do at their schools.

Karen Ganske said...

Computers in the Children's area - you bet! For finding books, and for using children's internet sites and interactive learning programs.