Friday, August 3, 2007

Spaces for Teens

Teens are excited and so are we! Nampa Public Library’s teen group, T.A.L.K., is off to a great start and they have already contributed many ideas for new programming and the new building. In some of the community forums teen spaces were discussed and include cool things like display areas, comfy seating and places to visit.

Here are some pictures I took at the Salt Lake Public Library that made me think of the spaces we’ll have for our teens.


Anonymous said...

Hey teens! This is Rachael, one of the newest T.A.L.K. members, and I'm here mostly to say 'Hi' and welcome! We have a lot of exciting prospects for the future and we're hoping more teens will become aware of the activities and opportunities we present.

So let's hear your new ideas, both for activities and for the new Teen Space that is well on its way to becoming a reality. We only meet once a month, so if you're struck speechless with a brilliant idea, then come and post it here while it's still fresh. If you want to offer a strongly-worded opinion about something you felt was lacking, go right ahead. Express your thoughts here, and let's get TALKing!

Anonymous said...

Does T.A.L.K. have a newsletter or anything for local teens to put art and writings in? also, when are the meetings?

Liesl Seborg said...
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Anonymous said...

Hello. My name is Dawn and I'm the TALK facilitator. The teens have not yet started a newsletter but it was voted in as something they wanted to do. We just recently acquired a computer for the teens to use to tackle such projects. If you know a teen that is interested in the art/writing part of a newsletter, please encourage them to join our next meeting Tuesday, Sept. 4th at 4pm. Also, the teens have been meeting every two weeks or once a month depending on what they are working on and how often they want to meet. Right now, it's best to check out to find out the next meeting time.