Friday, June 1, 2007


We have heard positive comments about the possibilities for a new Nampa library on a daily basis for years, but there was a definite increase in the ‘buzz’ when renderings were published showing the full-block plaza, city hall and retail stores right next to the library. For some people, it was the plaza across the street that finally got them excited and eager to see the entire project move forward, asking where, when, and ‘how can we help?”
“The best type of public spaces are ones where various activities are combined or triangulated. My favorite hypothetical example is a square that has a library and a coffee shop. The library has a children's reading room that's next to a playground, at the edge of which is a coffee shop for parents. In front of the library you'd have a square, for weekly markets, seasonal events, art shows, performances.” - Fred Kent
Read more about how synergy works with downtown libraries at: or here.
- Karen Ganske

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