Friday, June 8, 2007

Window Seats, nooks and special views

Several of our wonderful contest entries brought me a vivid memory from my childhood. Essays mentioned “Cozy window seats,” “Soft window seats,” “Beanbag chairs and window seats,” and “in a window seat reading National Geographic KIDS.” Other entries described views from a new library. Many young people and adults wrote about having variety of spaces within a library that are perfect for encounters with books that enrich our lives.

When I was young Mom took me to the downtown Pasadena Public Library once a week, before our neighborhood branch was built and I could walk to the library. My own special spot downtown was a window seat in the children’s stacks near the folklore section. The ‘view’ was a green cave formed by overgrown shrubbery outside. The smell was warm and dusty. With the big books by Howard Pyle about Robin Hood or the Knights of the Round Table, I would read in the window seat for hours, enjoying my own special place and strengthening my sense of adventure and my imagination.

Karen Ganske

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