Friday, June 22, 2007

Teens contribute to library plans & services!

Our community teens are fabulous! They help run the summer reading program by volunteering their time and labor to various programs. Our teens take the time to tell us what is on their minds by submitting purchase requests and asking questions.

While at a preconference for the American library Association Conference in Washington DC today I found that again and again our teens are valuable resources who help move our services forward and keep us up-to-date. Our teens can help lead the way to the new world of technology.

So what are we doing for our teens? We want to provide more opportunities for teens to make a difference in the library. Our first Teen group started a few weeks ago and will have its second meeting next week on June 26th at 4PM. Our teens will help determine (and provide) programs for teens. Our teens will help create/conceptualize the new Teen Space at the new library. Our teens rock and it will be great to help create a space and programming for them in our new building!

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